Executive Coaching enables professional and personal growth through focused and reflective discussions that are followed with personalized action plans. We believe that the Client is whole and capable and that answers to many leadership challenges are within each of us. Through the coaching process, you will gain a better understanding of yourself and you will be able to unlock possibilities that before seemed to be hidden. Every leader, who is focused on his/her development, has the potential to learn, grow, and reach goals that they previously thought of as out of reach. 


Executive Coaching is a powerful experience and The Luxa Group looks forward to exploring a coaching partnership with you.

Working with leaders and teams to inspire meaningful growth

Leaders get the most out of coaching when they come fully prepared to:

-Explore deeper meaning and alignment in their lives and work

-Experiment with new ideas, perspectives and approaches

-Commit to development work between sessions

-Focus on courageous growth



  • Developing vision and purpose

  • Exploring values and beliefs

  • Understanding and developing leadership skills

  • Gaining insight into impact of skills and behaviors

  • Preparing or working through a leadership transition

  • Exploring a career transition

  • Leading through organizational change

  • Building leadership presence

  • Gaining confidence in decision making

  • Building courage to try new things

  • Achieving work-life integration

  • Accelerating results

Coaching sessions are 1:1 on a bi-weekly basis and usually extend over 6 -18 months. 

Format is in-person, phone, or Skype.

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