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Katie brings over 25 years of leadership experience in both the corporate and educational fields. Most of her career has been working in a large corporate environment consulting with senior leaders to create talent strategies to drive organizational success.


Prior to launching The Luxa Group, Katie was a Director at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she lead multi-national teams and strategies focused on learning/training, talent development, change management and organizational effectiveness.  She is currently offering these skills and experiences through executive coaching to help others work towards success in their workplace and in their role as a moving part within an organization.


Katie is recognized as a trusted, collaborative and courageous coach who is willing to try new things, co-create the coaching experience with the client, and say what needs to be said to help deepen learning and strengthen development.


Katie completed her Graduate Certificate in Executing Coaching at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota; and is a Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She holds degrees in Speech Communication and Psychology from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


I had a fantastic coaching experience with Katie. The coaching I received has really helped me to become more confident in myself as well as given me some practical tools to improve my leadership skills within my work group. I know that my management and my direct reports noticed the changes right away and were pleased with my efforts to improve myself.  

The Executive Coaching experience with Katie has awakened in me the desire to excel not only professionally but most importantly personally.  This self-awareness process has ignited my critical thinking and motivated me to bring my ideas to reality.  The final product of this is the satisfaction of feeling that I have accomplished my goals. ​

Katie helped me embrace the challenges that lay ahead while I applied for a management position at my institution. With her coaching sessions and assignments, I could focus on my strengths, develop my communication skills and reduce the anxiety that almost prevented

me from applying. 

– ZAC 
Engineer, Emerson
Healthcare Leader, University of Minnesota Hospital
IT Analyst, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development



We are passionate about developing talent and being a partner to you as you explore and grow. We truly do what we love. 


Coaching with Luxa will always be tailored to your needs.  Cookie cutters are best left for making cookies. We will explore what works best for your coaching goals and your personal style. Then we will co-design an approach that is best for you.    


Coaching is a place for courageous exploration and any topic is welcome. We will always approach your goals and topics with curiosity and in a way that helps you feel safe. If a topic arises that may be best suited for therapy, we will discuss the possibility of a referral.    


At Luxa, we pride ourselves in having the highest standards in confidentiality and ethics. Discussions between you and your coach will always be treated as private. What's said in coaching stays in coaching. 


We are your developmental partner, yet you are always in charge of your goals, actions and outcomes. You are always at the wheel. New ideas and approaches often evolve in the moment during a coaching session.  Together, we may try something new to deepen your understanding and learning.  

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